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So here is alittle about us and how we came to be.  Life took us in another direction.  Suddenly we became a one income family when we decided to home school our children.  So this page is basically a compilation of what we have learned.

  1. There is money to be made on line.
  2. There is no magic potion to instantly grant you a 5 figure income.
  3. You do have to research and learn what works and what doesn't.
  4. You will have to put time into your business.
  5. You will have to invest at least MINIMALLY at first that is IF you can. 
  6. Contrary to popular belief ...you do need money to make money...at least a little bit of money.
  7. There are VERY economical ways to spend money on your business even free tools available.
  8. My point is...JUST START...even if you're like us and not know the internet, not know website building, not know how to make money online....just read this and start something....BECAUSE WE DO KNOW THIS....If you DON'T START SOMETHING...you know what will happen?  NOTHING!!

OK so with all the housekeeping all taking care of , let me just tell you what I've learned so far...PEOPLE WILL RIP YOU OFF, THEY WILL LIE TO YOU...they CAN BE very Unethical on the internet.  HOWEVER...NOT ALL OF THEM.  And this is why I am doing this webpage because I have learned the hard way and and I actually found out that SOME OF THEM don't.  Some of us are honest...So, I'm sharing it with you.  I am not  a BIG money making GURU....I will NOT lead you to financial independence in a month.  But I WILL honestly share what I have learned from others that are ethical and just trying to make a living.  We chose this route because we are seeking a QUALITY life style...not in money...But in TIME...Quality time with our children as we home school them.  SO....we birthed this website...because we are NOT WILLING to NOT HOME SCHOOL....Necessity is the mother of invention right?  SO...it was necessary...and I hope you find yourself inventing ways to supplement your income so you too can homeschool your children if you have some..or just find an honest way to make your money work for you...AFTER all....that is what our money is suppose to do.  WORK FOR US.  We're not intented to work for OUR MONEY.  Which is where we as a society can really get lost.  So let's get started putting your money to work for you!!  Here's some money making tips so you can make online cash...You are spending money to have online access every month right?  You should make that money work for you!!

  • For almost nothing I signed up for a program which allows me to make a total of $55.00 each time someone gets referred to sign up also.  So basically it is a trial based sign up.  You get to try products or services that are on the page and when you obtain 1 full credit, ( can be obtained by one product or various) you are then fully eligible to advertise the business and begin making your $55.00 PER PERSON that follows suit. FOR LIFE....Once you obtain your 1 credit..this is your WEBPAGE FOR LIFE....(INCREDIBLE) If you're like me...you're thinking long term....IMAGINE...you can make $55.00 per person...FOREVER!! OK,,,this may be worth checking out!!  Heck yeah it's worth checking out!!  Even if it takes a little while to get some people signed up....it's a money making vehicle for life!! Let me emphasize to you that you don't have to sign up for the $55.00 payout.  This is via two websites...one offering $25.00 (Express my cash Freebies) and one is $30.00 (Double my cash Freebies )  AND by the way..THIS IS NOT A MULTI LEVEL MKTG....This is a referral fee.  You don't solicit all your friends nd family or anything like that...I have found ...the things I chose to obtain my 1 Credit are fun and interesting to me, so it was really easy.  ALSO..you're only obligated to try the products for a short period of time afterwhich you can cancel at anytime.  SO..you have nothing to lose.  It's AWESOME...We're actually learning another language using it.!! Now...I will tell you this...it was a challenge to get my sign ups done quickly because I wrote it all out on paper first and then attempted to enter on line information.  BUT I LEARNED that the offers change quickly..so don't do what I did.. or you may have to re-figure how you will reach your 1 credit like I did!!! Lesson Learned..( there you just saved yourself some time and money already. ) You know...saving money is JUST AS good as making money by the way!!  I was able to obtain one of my credits by signing up for a website, which I considered a necessity for me.  So it was SUPER beneficial.  But...you may not be there yet.  That's ok...so, like me...just click on the link below and follow the directions. , PLEASE make sure you PUT MY REFERRAL # in the box on the bottom left so I get my credit when you begin to complete your offers!  thanks.  You will also have to follow some pretty close BUT VERY EASY DIRECTIONS for enabling your browser cookies on the page and these instructions are very clear on the page,  just follow them step by step ( there's about four of them) and you will be fine...it's VERY important or your credit may not be applied correctly. But don't worry because If I can do it then so can you.  So now, I am eligible to make $55.00 per person and I'm working on that daily, so here are the links I mentioned

  • Now for the other very honest and interesting way to earn money online is either ...
  1. By selling your own products or services
  2. By selling other peoples products or services.  I personally don't have a product so I am choosing to sell other peoples products.  This is called affiliate marketing.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about this..Because # 1 there are ALOT of GREAT products that I would totally love to share with others anyway...so to be able to do that AND make a % of that for myself?   We'll I 'm definitely interested in that!  And so I thought since, it interests me..it may interest you as well....REMEMBER I am not telling you these things so you will be earning a 5 figure income..I am building various avenues for small amounts of income...TOGETHER they will serve me well. Here's a question for you...what do alot of little amounts add up to?  YES..  BIGGER AMOUNTS!
  • OK so how do I do this?  I am currently working with a business on the Clickbank system, which has a great reputation and is reliable and very profitable.  I have found an honest advertiser that has shared his knowledge with me and I am going to do that for you...This may or may not be for you, but I think it's fantastic!!
  • The webpage for this is below..He has put everything into a great reference book for your convenience and are you ready for this?? It is FREE...so check it out and see if this if for you.  You can either use the book and make money on the various suggestions,OR become an affiliate for him.  OR BOTH...you see...that's what is so GREAT about this... It's not cut throat.  It's not Multi-level pyramid schemes--"build up my business type of stuff " it's " here is a piece of the pie" if you WANT IT..type of stuff.

  • Ok so let me wrap it up here.  So far....I have just told you four ways to make money online and I am not even finished yet.  I have even told you how to save money online and I am not finished with that yet eiher.
  •  I will update this page often as I have more ideas to share with you and if you want, send me an email and ask me any questions you want, relating to this webpage of course...and I'll do my best to answer you.
  •  I can also just email you directly with my new additions to my site. I 'm actually in the middle of some new ones currently. 

 So listen...thanks for reading!! My hope is that you get encouraged and see that there are MORAL AND ETHICAL ways  to make money online..

                                                                                             So Here is to your success.... 

                         PROVERBS 3:6   " In everything you do put GOD first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success"

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